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TRS to RCA Adapter – Homegrown Style

Well, everybody can have a ⅛″ TRS to RCA adapter. But not everybody can do it by him/herself! Especially not in this lovely, novelty kind of style! Here we go!

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S-Video to Composite Video Adapter

Nice and simple S-Video to Composite Video adapter. Note the stylish “ice”-finish of the whole thing. After all, the difference of S- and Composite video merely seems to be a matter of wiring. Another submission from the Magic Adapter Box

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SCART to S-Video/Composite Video — “INPUT/OUTPUT”

This brick of crude plastic can turn your TV into a computer screen. At least that’s what I last used it for. If you look closer, you might recognize it can be used in two ways, but I always forget how to change from INPUT to OUTPUT and vice-versa … any suggestions?

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RCA to TRS Adapter

Now here’s a classic for people fiddling around with stereo equipment and audio cables … the RCA to ¼” TRS adapter. This one shows marks of heavy usage, which make it look even more charming.

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