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LTX-2 Thin Coax Transceiver IEEE 802.3 10Base2

Now here’s a little treasure in my collection. The LTX-2 Thin Coax Transceiver IEEE 802.3 10Base2, manufactured by Lantronix, made in USA. Acutally I have no idea what this nice little gem was used for, but I believe you could use it to connect your computer via the 15-Pin D-Sub (left side) to a RG58 […]

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Apple DA-15 to VGA Adapter

Here’s an adapter for Macintosh desktop computers up to the G3 (until 1999): DA-15 to VGA (commonly referred to as DB-15 to VGA) – used to connect the computer to common CRT screens. BTW — I’m very happy that Apple has overhauled its adapter design in the years thereafter …

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