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Microguard Plus AfterEffects Dongle

Yes, there were ADB Dongles as well. And they didn’t really add to the design of your computer – as you can see. A grey, bulky piece of plastic – this special one apparently used to run AfterEffects on your system. Must have been great fun using that one! I really appreciate that dongle-times are (more […]

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Sony Memory Stick/PC Card Adaptor MSAC-PC2

Well, as I already said … I love proprietary standards as the Sony Memory Stick (Sony to me seems to be king of proprietary interfaces). This is a PC Card (formerly PCMCIA), used to browse and/or modify the contents of a Sony Memory Stick on your laptop. Memory Sticks are used in digital cameras, media […]

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Apple Mini-VGA to Composite Video/S-Video

Another vintage Apple adapter: converts Mini-VGA (available for iBook, eMac, or iMac G5) to S-Video and/or composite video output. I suppose this is one of the most scarcely seen Apple adapters of that particular style.

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Griffin iMate

This is an adapter of the early 2000’s: the Griffin iMate. When Apple finally decided to switch from Apple Desktop Bus aka ADB to USB for input devices, many users were confronted with having incompatible keyboards – the iMate could resolve this issue. (Btw: I love proprietary interfaces … opportunity for many adapters to be […]

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LTX-2 Thin Coax Transceiver IEEE 802.3 10Base2

Now here’s a little treasure in my collection. The LTX-2 Thin Coax Transceiver IEEE 802.3 10Base2, manufactured by Lantronix, made in USA. Acutally I have no idea what this nice little gem was used for, but I believe you could use it to connect your computer via the 15-Pin D-Sub (left side) to a RG58 […]

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Apple DA-15 to VGA Adapter

Here’s an adapter for Macintosh desktop computers up to the G3 (until 1999): DA-15 to VGA (commonly referred to as DB-15 to VGA) – used to connect the computer to common CRT screens. BTW — I’m very happy that Apple has overhauled its adapter design in the years thereafter …

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Here’s your typical cheap-o IDE to USB-Adapter, bought off eBay. I strongly recommend not using these, because they’re badly produced, fall apart quite easily and are very likely to screw up your data transfer. And they don’t even look good! Nevertheless, a must-feature here.

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Rainbow Technologies Sentinel SuperPro

Okay, to start this off, let’s take a very nice adapter: Well, It’s not exactly an adapter – it’s a dongle. It was used on the serial port of your computer, supposedly to make QuarkXPress work. I kinda like the colors, and I love the name: Rainbow Technologies Sentinel SuperPro™ (labelled “Genius”).

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