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Firewire 4-pin to 6-pin

This gem was distributed with an early version of the iPod. Intended for non-Mac users probably, as I cannot remember any model with a 4-pin socket.

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SD to miniSD to microSD

Miniaturization asks for new adapters to be made, in consequence there’s adapting possibilities from micro over mini up to (normal) SD cards. Shown here: microSD to miniSD (left), microSD to SD (right).

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2.5″ to 3.5″ IDE Adapter (Internal)

That one’s rarely seen outside of boxes: you can use it to connect a 2.5 HDD to a standard 3.5 IDE connector, either inside a desktop computer, or an external HD case.

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Serial to PS/2 Adapter

This is definitely one of the ugliest adapters ever seen. I mean – look at it! Disgusting! Shame on anyone trying to “use” that one, for whatever purpose it might be.

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Dr. Bott VGA Extractor (ADC to VGA)

A very expensive adapter that has served me for years … and fortunately doesn’t any more (I kinda dislike VGA signals, btw). But the product name certainly is nice, as well as imagining a certain “Dr. Bott” inventing one adapter after the other. His degree — in which science, btw? This one – though being […]

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Apple DVI to VGA Adapter

It’s most likely that a lot of people will start yawning by now, as this one’s just too normal … but it’s a nice one, actually. Ladies and gentlemen: the DVI to VGA Adapter – Apple flavor.

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S-Video to Composite Video Adapter

Nice and simple S-Video to Composite Video adapter. Note the stylish “ice”-finish of the whole thing. After all, the difference of S- and Composite video merely seems to be a matter of wiring. Another submission from the Magic Adapter Box

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Hardlock Fast E-Y-E 92E4F

Another SCSI-dongle, for using whatever software. But look at it! Pink! (Electric blue on reverse side) The amazing arrow shape! The name: “Hardlock” – it’s just as awesome as it can get! Sheer beauty – simply adorable.

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DMS-59 to dual VGA

I kinda like that one: converts a server-state DMS-59 port to two ordinary VGA’s. DMS-59 is now arriving in ordinary computers as well, supporting two dual-link displays on one port. Hooray! So I can finally add another 30″ screen to my desktop – just for IM and Email, of course. Well – definitely a nice […]

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Unity Digital PC Adapter Card

Well, judging by the name, this “Adapter Card” can basically be used for anything, but to be more precise: it’s an USSMPCADAPT (S/M TO PC CARD). Translation: Use the PC-Card slot of your Laptop to browse the contents of a S/M (aka SmartMedia) card, and be happy!

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