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Pop-Port to TRS

As my adapters have gotten quite some attention lately, I am encouraged to keep on keep the world of adapters documented. This example here is adapting the so-called Nokia Pop-Port to be a normal TRS headphone outlet. Nice adapter indeed, but couldn’t this have been solved just a bit more pragmatically?

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TRS (stereo) to Dual-DIN (5-pin female)

This mainly-plastic construction certainly was not produced in the current century. I guess it’s rather a kind of device splitting an audio signal, for instance recording a tape while listening to it on headphones. Please correct me if I’m wrong, as I really have no idea …

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TRS (stereo) to dual-TRS (stereo stereo)

This adapter’s very nice for sharing your music with a close person. Good thing is: the physical requirement of cables doesn’t allow listeners to get too far apart, so using this adapter is always kind of a group-experience.

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Mono TS to TS Connector

Beautiful. Quaint. Gold. And I have no idea what to use it for. Well, my dad had that one in his drawers, and I think you can hook up one effects device to another one with it.

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TRS to RCA Adapter – Homegrown Style

Well, everybody can have a ⅛″ TRS to RCA adapter. But not everybody can do it by him/herself! Especially not in this lovely, novelty kind of style! Here we go!

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Headphone Plug Adapter ⅛″ to ¼″ TRS

Here’s a great phone plug adapter, which came with a pair of nice headphones. It fits their design quite fine (pure gold), you can even screw the little plug into the adapter so it won’t accidentally slip out. I think it’s totally great. btw: Georgia obviously has NO character for ⅛ … shame!

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RCA to TRS Adapter

Now here’s a classic for people fiddling around with stereo equipment and audio cables … the RCA to ¼” TRS adapter. This one shows marks of heavy usage, which make it look even more charming.

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Airline Headphone Adapter

Here’s an example of a quite strange adapter standard: in airplanes, most of the times a dual-mono TRS output is provided for the inflight entertainment. This means you cannot use your own headphones (unless they’re mono). The airline makes money out of selling these adapters, or – even worse – their branded headphones with two […]

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