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Apple DVI to VGA Adapter

It’s most likely that a lot of people will start yawning by now, as this one’s just too normal … but it’s a nice one, actually. Ladies and gentlemen: the DVI to VGA Adapter – Apple flavor.

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S-Video to Composite Video Adapter

Nice and simple S-Video to Composite Video adapter. Note the stylish “ice”-finish of the whole thing. After all, the difference of S- and Composite video merely seems to be a matter of wiring. Another submission from the Magic Adapter Box

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Plug Adapter Type E to Type F CEE 7/4 (German “Schuko” 16 A/250 V earthed)

Nothing to add to this title, except: have a look at that cute little elephant!

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DMS-59 to dual VGA

I kinda like that one: converts a server-state DMS-59 port to two ordinary VGA’s. DMS-59 is now arriving in ordinary computers as well, supporting two dual-link displays on one port. Hooray! So I can finally add another 30″ screen to my desktop – just for IM and Email, of course. Well – definitely a nice […]

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Headphone Plug Adapter ⅛″ to ¼″ TRS

Here’s a great phone plug adapter, which came with a pair of nice headphones. It fits their design quite fine (pure gold), you can even screw the little plug into the adapter so it won’t accidentally slip out. I think it’s totally great. btw: Georgia obviously has NO character for ⅛ … shame!

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Unity Digital PC Adapter Card

Well, judging by the name, this “Adapter Card” can basically be used for anything, but to be more precise: it’s an USSMPCADAPT (S/M TO PC CARD). Translation: Use the PC-Card slot of your Laptop to browse the contents of a S/M (aka SmartMedia) card, and be happy!

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SCART to S-Video/Composite Video — “INPUT/OUTPUT”

This brick of crude plastic can turn your TV into a computer screen. At least that’s what I last used it for. If you look closer, you might recognize it can be used in two ways, but I always forget how to change from INPUT to OUTPUT and vice-versa … any suggestions?

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Sony Memory Stick/PC Card Adaptor MSAC-PC2

Well, as I already said … I love proprietary standards as the Sony Memory Stick (Sony to me seems to be king of proprietary interfaces). This is a PC Card (formerly PCMCIA), used to browse and/or modify the contents of a Sony Memory Stick on your laptop. Memory Sticks are used in digital cameras, media […]

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RCA to TRS Adapter

Now here’s a classic for people fiddling around with stereo equipment and audio cables … the RCA to ¼” TRS adapter. This one shows marks of heavy usage, which make it look even more charming.

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Apple Mini-VGA to Composite Video/S-Video

Another vintage Apple adapter: converts Mini-VGA (available for iBook, eMac, or iMac G5) to S-Video and/or composite video output. I suppose this is one of the most scarcely seen Apple adapters of that particular style.

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