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Firewire 4-pin to 6-pin

This gem was distributed with an early version of the iPod. Intended for non-Mac users probably, as I cannot remember any model with a 4-pin socket.

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Pop-Port to TRS

As my adapters have gotten quite some attention lately, I am encouraged to keep on keep the world of adapters documented. This example here is adapting the so-called Nokia Pop-Port to be a normal TRS headphone outlet. Nice adapter indeed, but couldn’t this have been solved just a bit more pragmatically?

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TRS (stereo) to Dual-DIN (5-pin female)

This mainly-plastic construction certainly was not produced in the current century. I guess it’s rather a kind of device splitting an audio signal, for instance recording a tape while listening to it on headphones. Please correct me if I’m wrong, as I really have no idea …

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SD to miniSD to microSD

Miniaturization asks for new adapters to be made, in consequence there’s adapting possibilities from micro over mini up to (normal) SD cards. Shown here: microSD to miniSD (left), microSD to SD (right).

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TRS (stereo) to dual-TRS (stereo stereo)

This adapter’s very nice for sharing your music with a close person. Good thing is: the physical requirement of cables doesn’t allow listeners to get too far apart, so using this adapter is always kind of a group-experience.

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2.5″ to 3.5″ IDE Adapter (Internal)

That one’s rarely seen outside of boxes: you can use it to connect a 2.5 HDD to a standard 3.5 IDE connector, either inside a desktop computer, or an external HD case.

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Mono TS to TS Connector

Beautiful. Quaint. Gold. And I have no idea what to use it for. Well, my dad had that one in his drawers, and I think you can hook up one effects device to another one with it.

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Serial to PS/2 Adapter

This is definitely one of the ugliest adapters ever seen. I mean – look at it! Disgusting! Shame on anyone trying to “use” that one, for whatever purpose it might be.

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TRS to RCA Adapter – Homegrown Style

Well, everybody can have a ⅛″ TRS to RCA adapter. But not everybody can do it by him/herself! Especially not in this lovely, novelty kind of style! Here we go!

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Dr. Bott VGA Extractor (ADC to VGA)

A very expensive adapter that has served me for years … and fortunately doesn’t any more (I kinda dislike VGA signals, btw). But the product name certainly is nice, as well as imagining a certain “Dr. Bott” inventing one adapter after the other. His degree — in which science, btw? This one – though being […]

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